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Something's gotta give sometime to turn into something wonderful <3
Spaghetti 01:59
When your home's like a fishbowl and there's no world outside do you cook another pot of spaghetti or do you sit back and cry? Do you light a floral candle and Facetime your friends? Do you read another book just to find out the end? When the nights feel like iceburgs and Leonardo's asleep do you head out for a swim or do you recount your sheep? Do you love without a compass when the end is in sight? Is this connection poor and should we just say goodbye?
Temporary 03:16
Funny how the storm made me hold you closer. Under covers warm knowing I'm a poser. Staying up too late just to have you over. Held you in my pocket like a four leaf clover. We were a temporary love You liked booze and shitty cartoons I like being sober. Staying up too late We woke up hungover. When the storm was loud enough I ran to you for cover. I kept you in my pocket like a four leaf clover. We were a temporary love
Overdue 03:34
Gentle eyes your- sleepy grin Wherever you end, can I begin? This is overdue what I wouldn't do I'd like to pretend I have control to keep it secret but you should know I've got heart for you What I wouldn't do to be with you You make me laugh til my cheeks are numb I'm a mess I come undone But you're the glue What I wouldn't do Do you notice when I speak? Is it clear that- just beneath I've made space for you? What I wouldn't do to be with you


Between rationing pasta, the “days without a hug” counter on my whiteboard, and cyclical conversations with my oh so patient roommates, 2020 proved just how temporary our experiences and lives truly are. Creating this EP, much like the year, was a rollercoaster filled with shocking highs, devastating lows, and everything in between

Overdue was born in May, and was the first song in a long time that felt like “the one.” She practically wrote herself. I was falling hard for a boy who felt like a light at the end of a dreadful tunnel. I had butterflies, dreams about him- the whole kit and caboodle. Without him and all of the joy he brought to my life in that time, I truly don’t know how I would have managed.

My pasta consumption spiked during the initial lockdown. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t even like pasta, but alas I found myself downing a pot of spaghetti at least twice a month. We’re talking Prego sauce and noodles from Rite Aid- not a cute look. One afternoon I was feeling particularly insecure about my artistry and decided to vent to a captive audience: my sweet roommate Logan who was minding his own business cooking lunch. He told me to take some space from my music for the day, which was probably good advice but I can be a terrible listener. I retreated to my room, started crying, lit a floral candle, picked up my guitar, and wrote Spaghetti.

As time went on the spark with the boy began to fade, and in September Temporary emerged from the ashes. He was my shelter from the storm that was life in 2020, and in order for me to thrive I needed to craft my own umbrella. That was when joy and growth became the goal, not stability and certainty.

With joy as my new North Star I learned a lot about myself- arguably most importantly that I was experiencing burnout with my music. I began spending days trying new things: film photography, watercolor painting, skate boarding, Photoshop, etc. My favorite of all of my new pastimes was hiking in the Santa Monica mountains chasing silence, solitude, vast landscapes and fresh air. With my Minolta Freedom Tele in hand at Sandstone Peak, I shot some photos and photoshopped together what is now the album artwork for this EP. I still head out there whenever I need a hard reset.

The holidays can be a tough time, and I was incredibly anxious when I found out I would have the house to myself for a month. Visions of burglars smashing through the windows and demanding I give them our extra toilet paper clouded my mind, but luckily I was paid a visit by a welcomed guest: my new, revitalized passion for creating music. I stayed up until 3am for weeks jamming with my gear laid out on the living room floor, writing more than I had in the entire year prior. Realizing how much I loved living alone, I impulsively toured, applied for, and was approved for what is now my gorgeous home. That same night I wrote Something Wonderful.

Releasing this body of work into the world is equal parts terrifying and exciting. I hope that it resonates with you, and that it can help you feel like you are connected to something greater than yourself. We’re all stuck on this rock flying through space in these strange human suits, but because of all of you, I wouldn’t have it any other way <3

A very special thank you to all of my friends who have been there for me through this process, to Bad Snacks for the strings on Overdue and emotional support, and to Fixed Mastering for the incredible masters.


released April 6, 2021


all rights reserved



Dear Evergreen Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles based electronic music producer and songwriter Makayla Meador creates contemplative, quirky, indie electronica tracks under the alias Dear Evergreen.

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